La C.U.V or cave utile en ville

C.U.V. is a French acronym that we could also play in English like “Cool Ultimate Vintner”, or “Cheap but Unexpected Vintage”, etc... 

La C.U.V. is an independent wine retailer located in Bordeaux, settled in three different shops between the neighbourhoods of Saint-Michel, Nansouty and Talence.

Our passionate vision:
Above all, we are passionate about wine and our work, we are curious, lovers of our terroir, and we are here because we want to share our enthusiasm for wine and its pleasures. Our vision is simple (but not simplistic), accessible and non-elitist, and we keep these values in mind when we advise our clients.

Our wine bottles:
In our shops, you will find a surprising range of wines from Bordeaux and elsewhere: France, Europe and New World, many of them from organic farming. You will also find a shelf dedicated to spirits, as well as a selection of traditional beers.

Our wine tastings in bordeaux:
The C.U.Vs (Courses to become Ultimate Vintners) are oenology classes within everyone’s reach. They will allow you to (re)discover the basics of wine tasting, the diversity of wine terroir and the pleasures of subtle wine and food pairing. We organise tastings under different themes, such as the classic Wine and Cheese, but also Wine and Chocolate, and a guided tour through the "Marché des Capucins", famous food market of Bordeaux.

La CUV is also a host for exhibitions and events, check out our agenda for more information.