Taste from the inside, "Bordeaux' 'Urban Wine Shop' CUV, Opens a Second Location"

June 6 2012

The Bordeaux neighborhood of Saint Michel is the place to come if you want amazing Moroccan Tajine, fresh oysters from the Capucins market or a view of the stunning Basilique Saint-Michel, but its not necessarily the part of town you would think to visit to buy a bottle of wine – that is starting to change.

La C.U.V Nansouty’s opening bash last Friday night


The C.U.V. wine boutique, located place Maucaillou near the Marché Capucins, is an “urban” wine shop offering an eclectic selection of wines to the neighborhood that might otherwise be a wine dessert.   Opened only in April of 2011, the small boutique has been well received by the neighborhood and has just opened a new location 15 minutes away in the Place Nansouty.

The new locale, which opened last Friday to a large crowd of eager customers, mirrors the original C.U.V. boutique’s style and selection.  The two spaces are modern with urban artwork decorating their walls and shelves filled with bottles from around France and the world, focusing on quality for value wines priced from 6-15€.  I was thrilled to find one of my favorite Argentine Torrontes wine producers Echart (a varietal that I barely ever find in France) and Anchor Steam Beer from San Francisco. The two boutiques also have a large selection of organic wines that are quite popular with their clientele.

The C.U.V. wine shops are a great stop if you are looking to pick up a bottle on the run before an evening soirée, but they are also addresses worth spending a bit of time at.  Each Saturday the stores offer wine tastings (three wines for 10€) and wine and cheese pairing tastings (4 wines + four cheeses from the Capucin market for 25€). The owner Lenaic Tevelle recommends calling ahead to reserve your spot- apparently there are a lot of people in the neighborhood who are eager to learn how to match up their wines and cheeses- and I know I’m one of them.

C.U.V. Saint- Michel                                                                                                      7 place du Maucaillou - 33800 Bordeaux

C.U.V. Nansouty                                                                                                            264 Cours de la Somme - 33800 Bordeaux